People who hate chocolate

Have you ever met a person who doesn't like chocolate?

The other day I offered to go get some ice cream for a group of friends and asked if chocolate was OK with everybody. One of the guys there said, "I don't really like chocolate."

"You don't like chocolate ice cream, or you don't like chocolate at all?"
"I really just can't stand anything chocolate."
". . . Get out of my house."
"We invited you. This is our living room." etc. ( incorrect useage of etc)

I don't trust people who don't like chocolate. You know who else hated chocolate? Serial killers. And you can't trust those guys either. With there luring personalities, vans with no inside handles, and their machetes and/or rope that they use to kill people serially.

Anytime I meet a person that tells me they don't like chocolate, I jot down their name in a little notebook and once its filled, I'm going to call up Homeland Security.

"Homeland Security Hotline."
"Hi, I'm going to fax over a list of names that I think you guys should check out. You know, for the security of our homeland."
(screeeeeech (in my writing, fax machines and bottle rockets sound the same.))
"Sir, are any of the individuals members of or have ties to any terrorist organizations?"
"No. . . but uhm, they hate chocolate. So I figure there must be something up there. Either communists or serial killers or something."
"We commend you for your valiant efforts in helping defend our nation. We will be sure to tell everyone you know that you right about people who hate chocolate and that it isn't just something you find annoying because you are immature and should learn to accept or tolerate."

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