If I was given the choice between watching a western movie or a zombie movie, I would pick the zombie movie pretty much 100% of the time. Because with a zombie movie,you can’t be disappointed because you know exactly what you are going get. Zombies are going to come up out of the ground and try to eat people. There is sure to be blood gurgling, people screaming, and tables manners being wantonly disregarded. Yep, I used the word "wantonly." You can look it up.

Remember the old Scooby Doo cartoons zombies. Those zombies came with that laugh tracks. Shaggy would be like, "Hey Scoob, watch out for that brain eating Zombie," and then the zombie would be like, "ggrrrhrhkjamble," and then an audience would erupt in laughter. Zombies don’t usually say things that end in "jamble."

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