I quit my job today

I made a decision today that may put my family in a tight spot but at the same time may also open a lot doors and possibilities that I hadn’t noticed before. Today a series of events that have been transpiring at my work finally came to a head. I would be more than happy to share with people privately what exactly went down in person or over the phone maybe if you are interested or even a private message on myspace, but the end result was, I quit.

I am extremely confident that I will have no problem finding work almost anywhere else, but what I’m having a hard time with is the feeling that I am no longer providing the way I should be for my family - and its only been one afternoon! I think ultimately this will open me up to trying to find work related to writing, either for doing reviews and feature articles, or for screenplays, sketches, or whatever else there is (radio?). I don’t know if a period is supposed to go after that last parenthesis but I’m putting there anyway because that’s the kind of thing I hear irrational unemployed people do.

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