Comedy Month: My computer's stand-by mode trickery

Just about every day that I come back to my desk from lunch, my computer screen is off. I sit down, reach over and press the power button on the hard drive. Just moments after, I realize that my computer was actually in Stand-By not Off.

I press the space bar and the screen comes up just in time for me to see a barrage of End Task Now windows all closing programs at the same time. Things are closing, backgrounds are disappearing almost as if everything is racing to be the first thing to close. I am then forced to sit and wait 5 minutes for the shut dowN to finish, and another 5 minutes before everything is powered back up and running.

You'd think that a window for people like me would pop up first that says, "Hey, do you really want to shut down? Or you just an idiot?" and then I could press the button that says "I am a complete idiot" and everything would be ok.

But no.

I push the power button and my computer skips right to saying, "Fuck this shit! We're closing this shit down!" Then it's just, "crash!" (that's the closing down sound.)

I guess what I'm saying is, Windows Vista better have a fix for this.

(it doesn't.)

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