Bad liars make bad personal trainers

I watched this game show the other night where a guy who is a personal trainer got busted lying. When he was asked if he had touched a female client more times than what was required for his job, he said no – but he was wrong. He tried to argue that there is no way to know how many times you will be "required" to touch a female client when you're working as a trainer. I think it would be kind of obvious though.

"Ok, for this exercise I'm going to need to firmly hold your inner thighs for support."

"But I'm just jumping rope."

"Well also don't forget to exhale."

Another good clue would be. . .

"On the next set, we're going to be focusing on your hamstrings, so I'm going to be cupping your breasts in my hands like this."

"Um. . . I'm in my car driving home."

"Ma'am, I'm a professional. So please, just let me do my job. I don't want you to pull something."

Or more like he does!


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