Britney to release kids to Federline. . .poor children

It was announced today that Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon, ordered Britney Spears to relinquish custody of her children over to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. As Britney media machine spirals further down into the bowels of hell, I can't help but feel heartache for these kids.

For me, all the stories I had heard or read about Spears and her drug fueled partying have been confirmed by the judge's decision and I think its important to take a step back and say, "Enough is enough." Here we have young children who have already lived in ultimate chaos, who's parents are divorced, who's mom is on 24 hour media watch and living recklessly, and someday they will get the added fortune of being able to go back and read about how exploited they all were. Come on, lets give these kids a chance.

Why not stop the photographing, stop filming Britney as she uninterestingly walks into Starbucks to buy a frappacino, and move on to another story? Is she just that intoxicating that we can't just let it go. I think the media needs to check itself into rehab, because clearly. . . its addicted.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much we could sell these kids for in Thailand?

God Of Bacon said...

Why report actual news when airhead blondes are available.

Chase Roper said...

Good I thing I only blog about reporting about news.