2008 candidates supporting Scientology based tax proposal

John McCain, Fred Thompson, as well as second-tier presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee, are all in favor of the Fair Tax proposal. For those of you who aren't aware of what the Fair Tax policy is (like I wasn't) let me briefly explain with a short history lesson on The Church of Scientology.

Way back in the day, a man named L. Ron Hubbard wanted his group, The Church of Scientology, to be declared a religion. The IRS would not grant him that status and thus began an decades long war between Scientology and the Internal Revenue Service. This war even included Scientology breaking into IRS offices to steal documents and hiring private investigators to obtain personal information of individual IRS employees. This war led to the eventual creation of a Scientology off-shoot organization called, Citizens for an Alternative Tax System. They proposed a national retail sales tax that would replace the Federal Income Tax and make the IRS useless. This new Fair Tax proposal idea is almost identical to Scientology's proposed NRST.

When Bruce Bartlett from CBS News Online questioned the similarities at a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, he immediately labeled a smear artist. Sounds like typical Scientology methods to me. I consider myself the kind of voter who looks at the issues and consider anyone candidate who buys into this regurgitated Hubbardistic tax plan a major issue.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

The fair tax is brilliant. It is unfortunate that the church of scientology would be able to lay claim to any part of it.