A nod to another blog: Dead-Frog.com

It's no secret by now that I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy. To some extent I guess you could say that it's something I covet. Since I can't go out and do it, I read about it, write about it, and sometimes even write material for it. One blog site I have found that I am really enjoying, keeps me up to speed on the comedy events, projects, and happenings. It is called Dead-Frog.com and it is authored by Todd Jackson, who is also the "Editorial Director for Comedy Central's web arm" and "Managing Editor of Cracked Magazine."

Dead-Frog.com also boats a massive Stand-Up Comic Archive. A complete list of stand-up comedians that spans across the ages. This fully interactive archive includes video clips, lists of works for sale through Amazon.com, a feature for registered user (don't worry it's free) to select their favorite performers and a list of other suggested comics that are favorite-ed by users who also enjoy the one you are previewing.

If you're like me, and really enjoy watching new comics or reminiscing on comedian of old, then visit Dead-Frog.com. It's fun , entertaining and worth your time.

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