Naked jogging priest arrested in Colorado

Approximation of priest with clothes on.

Rev. Robert Whipkey likes to jog early in the morning before sunrise. . .naked. Whipkey, 53, was spotted by Frederick, CO police walking naked down the street after a jog at a nearby high school around 4:30 AM.

In Whipkey's defense, he did tell the officers that if he wears clothing while jogging, he will sweat profusely. I can understand that if he were to wear a sweat suit of even a shirt and jogging pants that a lot a dripping sweat could occur at his age. What if he were only wearing shorts? Does he expect us to believe that his holy regions have omnipotent sweat glands?

According to prosecutors, if Whipkey is
convicted of indecent exposure he would have to register as a sex offender. What is the world coming to when Catholic priests have to register as sex offenders?

Oh, wait.

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