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I am proud to say that Courtney Cronin was a part of my first ever live stand-up show at the Seattle Comedy Underground. The line-up that night was a teacher/MC, some local dude named Kurt or Kevin or something, Courtney Cronin, and Kyle Cease. I tend to really enjoy comedians who are hilarious and yet don't seem to be doing a stage persona. Of course most all of them are, but while you watch them on stage, it honestly seems as though that comic really is like that in a private setting. For me, Courtney Cronin fit into this category immediately.

I recently had an opportunity sit down with Courtney via my cubicle and Myspace but I prefer to imagine the interview taking place back stage somewhere before doing a set.

What was it like working with the legendary Bob Bledsoe in the new show Socially Offensive Behavior on BET?

It was great working with Bob on SOB but I hardly ever got to see him.
The writers were not a part of the actual shoots. I was invited to come to several and made it to just one because of my road schedule at that time. But Bob was there and was hilarious, as expected, and all the actors, in fact, did a fantastic job with the material given.
As F'd up as it was.

As a writer for the show, what kind of research would you do to determine what would be really socially offensive? Any private public experiments to test an idea?

I really didn't have to do much research as the "obvious" offensive behavior we used on the first 6 shows just sort of came to us.
I often like to think of the worst possible situation for someone to be in and it was nice to have that actually be your job. The other writers were Bruce Fine, Ian Edwards, and Greg Shelton.
We all worked together and closely with Supervising Producer Nicholas Diaz on several bits and helped to make what was already offensive, even more so. I have not tried any of these pranks myself, but I have lived through several.

The "Bigot Boss" character is actually written about a family member of mine and the "Two Timer Wedding" was inspired by a few "bridezillas" I know. So some of the bits are taken from situations we have all experienced in our lives, then we raised the stakes and made it as uncomfortable for our "marks" as possible.

Courtney, thank for taking the time to answer a couple questions. We all look forward to watching "Socially Offensive Behavior" on BET, Thursday nights at 10pm.

Thanks Chase!

Courtney is also a regular performer for Pretty Funny Women, the longest running all female comic show in the world, which can be seen monthly at the Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store in La Jolla. She was the story producer for "The Chelsea Handler Show" and a writer for the hit show, "Girls Behaving Badly," among others. Courtney Cronin is the sort of comic who is busy (to say the least) working "behind the scenes," so when she comes to town with her stand-up, you better jump on the opportunity.

Check out this video and be Courtney's friend on Myspace.

Courtney Cronin at the Seattle Comedy Underground

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