Paris Hilton, heiress on a throne of lies

[image]Paris Hilton in Amsterdam, "not doing drugs."

Paris Hilton appeared on "Larry King Live!" for an exclusive interview following her release from jail. During the interview, King questioned Hilton's alleged drinking and drug use associated with her frequent partying. Hilton denied ever using drugs, and said that although she enjoyed the drinking and partying in the past, that sort of thing "will not be the mainstay" of her life now.

But was Paris Hilton being completely honest with the King of talk shows? Not according to the TSG posted several video clips this afternoon that clearly show Hilton discussing a possible drug transaction, smoking hash in Amsterdam on two different occasions, and talking to a friend about how to smuggle the drugs back into the states.

I was in her corner on the whole jail time thing. I thought it was a waste of time and that she'd been hassled enough. I was even gla to hear that she was looking forward to working with charities and being a positive role model to young women and girls. Then she poured out her lies across the airwaves like Gabriel poured out plagues on Egypt.

Paris Hilton is now either definitely a complete idiot who honestly forgot that she was in fact a recreational drug user, or a liar. You pick.

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