'Dr. Death' compares himself to Rosa Parks on 'Larry King Live'

Jack Kavorkian appeared in an interview Monday night on Larry King Live just 72 hours after being released from prison. Kavorkian served 8 years in prison for murder charges stemming from his assisted suicides of over 130 patients.

During the interview King asked Kavorkian why he continued the practice after refused to decide on its constitutionality. 'Dr. Death' said it was for the same reason that Rosa Parks refused to get up from her seat and that his patients had a natural right to be relieved from their agonizing suffering.

I have to say that I am completely on the fence on this issue. When I think the logic involved and what this man is striving to do for people in extreme suffering, it seems in my head like a noble and right thing cause. For reason though, it just feels wrong. Like something about it that I cannot articulate is out of place. What is it?

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