Sanjaya is still in it

After a performance earlier this week that Simon Cowell declared was, "not horrible," Sanjaya Malakar remains on "American Idol." Viewers decided it was time for Haley Scanato, from San Antonio to pack up and head home. Although I did stop counting how many times Randy Jackson drops the d-bomb (and stopped watching the show all together) I can't seem to escape the Sanjayamania that is sweeping the media. Is it his dashing good looks, his long flowing hair, or his Peter Gallagheresque eyebrows? Either way, it looks like we have yet another week of hearing about the non-sequitors of this reality t.v. giant.

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Anonymous said...

I really like Sanjaya and can't beleive the flak he is getting from people. He is an "IDOL". He may not have the best singing voice, but he is an "American Idol". A Tiger Beat centerfold. He has so much suave character. And who is to say that in all the past Idols the best singer won? Simon Cowell is an ass, his put downs are unnecessary and sometimes very cruel. Maybe that is why the ratings are down. I am sorry that Howard Stern started the "vote for the worst" because that isn't fair to Sanjaya who deserves better. He rocks and he gets my vote. I like Sanjaya!
FYI-I'm a 48 yr old female.
Rock on!!!!!!!!

Chase Roper said...

Well, alright then. I'm not sure if I stand corrected or just stand. But I'm glad you enjoy the show and I thank you for the comment!