Elfman says Tom, Katie 'happy'

Jenna Elfman has decided to chime in all the gossip over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' supposed marriage woes like only a fellow Scientologist can. While most "inside sources" are claiming that Holmes is imprisoned in the marriage and followed around by Scientology "minders" who keep track of her daily, Elfman strongly disagrees.

"They have a great life and they love each other. For some reason, the media cannot experience that. They must put in things other than the simplicity of it," says Elfman.

Honestly, I have no problem experiencing the concept of the Cruise/Holmes marriage being strained. I also don't see why thinking of the marriage being happy rather than not happy somehow measures as more simplicit. Not that I doubt Elfman's credibility simply because she also happens to be a member of the highly and publicly criticized church of Scientology, but I doubt Elfman's credibility simply because she's also a Scientologist.

Elfman has her own history of "freaking" on people who have printed or stated their skepticism over Scientology and its members. It would serve her well to offer her public support of other high profile members.

Also, Elfman and her husband Bodhi are expecting their first baby (since people like to read that kind of stuff.)

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