How my brain handles a writing task.

Whenever it is time for me to sit down and write something, be it for school or work, my brain takes me on a procrastinational journey. As best I can tell, here is the thought process from start to - infinity.

 ok time to start writing I need more light in here.
 I should open the blinds.
 I should probably open all the blinds.
 You know what. I just need some coffee. Better wash out the French press.
 I wonder if that guy emailed me back yet.
 OK. Time start right after I check Facebook.
 My facebook friends think that status was hilarious!
 Why don't my Twitter followers RT and FAV this thing.
UGH. I'm going to @reply somebody.
 Ok, let's hit the bathroom and then DIG IN.
 You know what would be hilarious? If I wrote something about how many different things I think of and do rather than get my writing assignment done and then post that on my blog.
 Just as soon as I make sure a load of laundry is going, I'm doing that.

 So that's it. What do you YOU do to distract yourself?

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