Early morning spam in my inbox

I recently received a response regarding some tires I listed on Cragslist. It later turned out that the person responding was really just sweetening me up to later net me into some rediculous ebay-esque website. Here is how my most recent interaction went down. . .

From: gabpleceliva@hotmail.com

> To: chaseblogger@hotmail.com

> Subject: RE: 4 x 16 VW Tires w/Rims - $50 (Yelm

> Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 13:52:28 +0000



> Hey bud, haven't heard from you for a while, are you ok? So my husband still suggested that we help you out like we were helped out, look at this:

> --> http://bidding-and-winning.com?=Income-Strategies-e84

> We used to do the same thing as you and put things up on Craigslist

> too. We didn't have a ton of luck. A couple weeks ago a kind soul blessed us like we are

> doing right now. They told us about the bidding site. We were surprised at the cheap prices the merchandise would sell

> at to the finalist. We gave it a go and would buy laptops for about 80 bucks and would flip on craigslist for five times the cost

> we got it at. Since we last spoke, then, we've have been getting about 12 a week total profit. You could probably do better, but

> it has been a giant help in taking care of the kids. We have finally been able to take more family vacations. When my hubby remembered

> your ad, he felt like it'd only be fair if we shared the secret.

> So give it a look and get an account:


> http://bidding-and-winning.com/?=Income-Strategies-ba0

My reply. . .


I'm so glad you thought of me and of how you can help by sharing your amazing bidding site with me! I thought that listing an item I had no need for on Craigslist would be a great method for earning a little extra money - which is something I could definitely use. It turns out that what I really needed, was to use this bidding website you pointed to me to so I can more crap I don't need and have even less money than now. It seems counter-intuitive but the way you initially responded to my ad as though you wanted to buy my tires (thereby getting my hopes up) only to later send me this email letting me know you actually want ME to buy something from YOU has really grabbed my attention. Thanks for helping start my day off on such a positive note.


Chase Roper


P.S. Get cancer.

I'll keep you posted on any developments - cancer related or otherwise.

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