Coffee! Phone Calls! Dog Shit!

My day started at 2:30 when I was awoken from my deep slumber by the nagging sound of Mozart, the family dog. Mozart is a selectively bred dog that combines poodle with "some-sort-of-breed" terrier. He is extremely fluffy and furry and never sheds. This puppy is currently crate training and on this particular day (this morning, remember?) my son decided to leave his own room, where the dog also sleeps, and instead opt for the couch since there would be no whining there. By the time I woke up, Mozart had already filled his crate with poo and the bedroom with the pungent smell of fresh dog shit.

I was able to drift off into slumber land again by 3am only to be jolted away from my subconscious world at 5:30 in order to serve up some breakfast to my "shoot-me-in-the-face" early risers. In other words, so far so good!

I haven't heard anything back from the opening on the Brooke and Jubal Morning Show at Movin 92.5. I realize that most of their talent are single partying folk and that's definitely not me. HOWEVER, I polled my entire neighborhood (my kids' bus stop) and found that all these married parents also listen to Movin 92.5 in the morning. Interestingly, my survey also showed that 100% of married parents who listen to Movin 92.5 want ME to join that morning show. That's an overwhelmingly supportive statistic.

The rest of my day is going to be filled with phone calls, scheduling interviews, and trying out my new French press several times. I suppose "trying it out" it really just reserved for the first time I use it. After its inauguration, I'm just using it.

Here is a video of a guy adding an EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT of coffee grounds into his French Press with an ASTONISHINGLY SMALL amount of water. Not the recommended coffee to water ratio for sure. (2 tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds / 6 fl oz of water (you're welcome!))

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