Religious Sex Help Books

OK. My wife and I have read several books intended to help Christian couples "spice up" their love life and "deepen" their spiritual connections, etc. There's a bunch of them out there but they always make feel uncomfortable. Not sure why because they are always in my favor and very specifically tell women to "do it" more often regardless of their mood. The books will insist that this is God's will for your marriage and then they're always loaded with stuff like:

  • Wives, submit to your husbands.
  • Wives, husbands enjoy oral sex. Don't be ashamed to pleasure him in that way. Especially glance up at him.
  • Wives, dress sexy. Keep yourself up. Make up, hair done nice, perfume. 
  • Wives, be seductive in the bedroom. Take charge sometimes. Surprise your husband with a strip tease. Talk playfully. Mmmm. . . Say things like, "Oooh, you're so big for me!" Now pout. Make that pout-y face. Yeah. . . Those lips are so perfect. . . -
  • Oh, Husbands - you have to go down on your wives sometimes. I don't know, make a humming sound or something. And clean the house once in a while.
  • Ok, WIVES. Anal isn't always a sin. . .
I don't think that's what God EVER said. I think it was more like the everything sexual in your marriage is permissable so as it is only between the TWO of you and you both feel safe, respected, comfortable, etc. None of this "God says submut so do whatever your husband likes and God will reward your marriage." Nice try, books. . . I've got to say though, of all the ways you can manipulate the bible to say what you want, this is my favorite. (Good effort, books!)

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