Looking back at 2010 - my last post of the year

Remember that really crazy thing that happened in the news this year and then just when we all thought nothing worse could happen, it DID?! Man, 2010 was a wild year. And who could have ever predicted all that snow fall in the winter? Or how hot it got in the summer! Whew!

One of the saddest moments for us all I'm sure was the unexpected passing of the famous person(s) whom we all adored. Many of us got new/lost jobs, moved, had children, used Facebook a lot. It was quite the year.

Ok, well the was to get out of my system. It irks me when I have to listen to all the year end shows go on and on about the year as if it isn't almost identical to the previous year. Wow, my auto correct in this itouch just replaced the word "when" with "qwen". Itouch, you are tired, clearly. C'mon, qwen? Really? QWEN?

Personally, my family moved to a new house, my littlest kids started kindergarten, I went to Bumbershoot and met a handful of my favorite comics. and I started Writing a book. My wife worked her ass off and supported me in my rediculous endeavors and was incredible. Other than that, I didn't really care for the year at all. I might even say it was one of my worst years yet - and I've some real doozies. Not really sure what a doozie is. Someone google that for me and explain it in the comments.

Happy New Year!



kEnny said...

Happy New Year, Chase!

Chase Roper said...

Happy New Year to you! Thanks!