Cruise disaster? We all remember the Titanic, right?

Passengers of the sort of ill fated Carnival Cruise ship were finally able to share details of their ordeal out at sea. After an engine fire, the cruise ship was without power and stranded in the ocean. Until today, the true horrific details haven't been known.

Their ship lost power after an engine fire Monday and was adrift about 200 miles outside San Diego and 44 miles off the coast of Mexico. At that distance from land, it was out of cell phone range for much of the ordeal. The fire left the ship without air conditioning, hot water or hot food. The casino was closed and, for a time, so were the bars. The swimming pool was off-limits because the pumps wouldn't work.

Wait, that was it? 4500 passengers went from a cruise vacation to a camping on a boat in the ocean vacation?

"Some people said it was like a coffin, it's so dark," passenger Karyn van Latum said. "We left our front door open, so that we had some little light, but it looked like a coffin. We stayed on the deck."

Okay, HOLD ON a second. I started reading this story on MSNBC this morning and expected to hear of treacherous conditions and a gruesome experience stranded at sea, but this? This was just mildly inconveniencing at worst.

Newlywed Stacy Noreiga told ABC's "Good Morning America" the situation was particularly concerning for her because she's pregnant. "It was very difficult, especially because the smells were unbelievable," she said. "It seemed almost like every floor we went up there was a different odor."

Seriously? You guys remember the Titanic right? It broke in a half and sunk into the Atlantic Ocean and nearly everyone was KILLED. Sorry, but I don't think anyone on that ship can complain about anything as far as catastrophic events at sea are concerned. You all got lettuce, tomatoes, and pop tarts. The passengers of the Titanic were not afforded such. Well, to be fair, up until that whole ice berg part, they were really living it up.

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