Working on a new book. Exciting stuff!

I will be participating in National Write a Novel Month starting in just two days. For those not familiar, the national novel writing month is November and a wonderful on-profit group has set up the website to help writers keep each other on track to complete a book in just 30 days.

I've completed a story outline using the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (a screen writing device found in the book Save the Cat) and have already gone to the trouble to design a book cover. If you'd like to join in track my progress, you can visit my profile over at

Synopsis: The Devil Works at the Coffee Stand
Joe an aspiring screenwriter and also the manager of his parents' coffee shop. Joe decides to write a script based on the premise that the owner of the bikini coffee stand across the street is the devil. What if it turns out - he was RIGHT?

Excerpt: The Devil Works at the Coffee Stand
It is 2:30AM. The Super Mart parking lot is a ghost town. Joe’s body lay limp on the wet ground. The cement is indented and nearly forming around his body. A small leather satchel is gripped in his hand. Standing over Joe is an ominous figure shrouded in shadow, soaking wet from the pouring rain. Grabbing an abandoned shopping cart by one hand, lifting it over his head, the figure slams a lethal blow directly onto Joe’s head. Fragments of parking lot and shopping cart scatter into the air. Without missing a beat, the figure turns and walks away. Joe remains still, breathless and bleeding.

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