I should title this something.

Hi readers! Thought I'd check in and let everyone know what in the heck has been going on with me and my world since I stopped using Facebook and Twitter. So far, so good. Occasionally, my thoughts drift and I think of something hilarious to write as a status update. What has helped so far is the start my new journey with the book The Artist's Way. I've learned the importance of doing my Morning Pages. Three pages of written word - whatever comes to mind - put down on paper. Everyday. It has really helped me focus and exercise my creative thoughts and give my rambling style of talking my wife's ear off a bit of a more productive outlet.

I will be participating in the nanowrimo.org challenge in November for National Write a Novel month. I've never written a novel but I've read one - I think. So I think I can hack it. If any of you read this and want to join in, find me here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/622407

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