Deactivated facebook and twitter - what am I DOING!?

Yesterday, I made the emotionally irrational decision to completely deactivate my two favorite social networking mediums. Facebook and Twitter. I feel very strongly that I lack the capacity and will power to NOT let these two things completely waste my time or ruin my life. It was not a carefully thought out decision but I'm happy I did it.

If you have ever thought to deactivate your Facebook account, I hope you are ready for some serious guilt induced manipulation. Facebook first wants to know why you are leaving followed by some multiple choice questions. Whatever your reason, Facebook will try to explain to you how you can keep your account open and just modify some settings. Afterward, the website shows you some friends' profile pictures with the caption below them that reads "[USERNAME] is going to miss you." Really Facebook? Paul F. Tompkins is going to miss me?

It's day 3 I think and I feel like I'm trying to quit drinking coffee. I'm irritable, my head hurts, and it's all I can do to stop from thinking about Facebook and Twitter. So far, productivity levels are null. I'll keep you posted.

Has anyone else tried to quit these social networking sites? Did you succeed and if so HOW!?

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