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Forget the Frost/Nixon interview of '77, this interview with comedian, Paul F. Tompkins is the best thing ever.

"It’s been a busy year for Paul F. Tompkins. Besides the usual planning and prep involved in putting together his monthly Paul F. Tompkins Variety Show at the Largo Theater in Los Angeles, the comic has been revolutionizing the way comedy shows are booked, creating a podcast and releasing a new one-hour special – June 11 at 11pm EST on Comedy Central – titled You Should Have Told Me, filmed at the intimate Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta. All this, while planning a wedding, getting married and trying to enjoy a honeymoon.

I thought before I get into the meat of the interview – my editor apologized on my behalf some time ago for that Twitter article fiasco. [ed. Note: Chase once blogged on Punchline Magazine that he was no longer going to follow PFT because he @-replies too much]

This is a good opportunity for me to go on the record. I was WAY out of line.
It did seem like disproportionate anger over how much I was using Twitter.

I was serious about it seeming like a lot. It was a bit overwhelming—
Overwhelming. Hold on a second.

I just felt—
HOLD ON. This apology is off to a BAD START if you’re talking about Twitter being overwhelming. That’s a big word.

You’re right. The rational point I was making in my article was that I was getting too many @-replies from you to other Twitter users. It turns out, I was using Twitter wrong.
There you go.

It was actually all my fault.
Look, I’m not trying to assign blame. If anything, I’m trying to remove blame from a situation that does not require it.

So that will be in print.
Well, I appreciate that, thank you. It’s behind us."

Read the interview in it's entirety at Punchline Magazine.

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