The recession is not over (in case anyone was saying it was)

I recently bought some Safeway brand ice cream and couldn't help but notice 2 things right away.

1. They were on sale 2/$4 .
2. The carton had shrunken to a mere 1.5qt size.

They have been caught red handed! They don't want to raise their prices in order to maintain profitability, so instead to they cut expenses by shrinking the product and hope nobody will pay attention. This tiny version of ice cream won't last more than a day in my house. What's worse, I'm sure that once the economy is in full swing again, they won't bring back the original the sized ice cream cartons. I'll start start seeing boxes  released "for a limited time" that are the regular size but have "20% More Free!" strewn across the top. A mere call back to a day and age when 2qt ice cream cartons were a regular occurrence.

I guess now more than ever, I have to understand the true hardships endured during the great depression.

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