Autism Awareness Month: How to survive as a parent

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That isn't my boy or my hand. But he looks in trouble.
My son Noah is a very sensitive creature of extreme habit who is also remarkably unpredictable. Sounds like a paradox, I know. Our day is ruled by scheduled routines, planned visits from family (no surprises!) and a lot of screaming, yelling, scratching, hitting, etc. Don't get me wrong - we LOVE Noah. He can be the most gentle and precious child you'll ever experience. He says the oddest things (and sometimes flat out inappropriate things) but you can't help but be in awe. 

That said, he is strong for a soon-to-be five year old, and seems to have no sense of fear or awareness that his actions can hurt other people. Needless to say - you feel on edge all day. It is important though NOT to let his actions go undisciplined, just as you handle the rest of the kids in the house. The tricky part though, is that Noah doesn't grasp the concept of a "time out" and spanking is right out of the question. So how do you manage correcting behaviors of your children's actions when you can't dish out the same punishment for the same action to different children? Does that even make sense?

In this next series, I will share how I try to cope with the otherwise simple tasks of leaving for the store, making a phone call, disciplining the kids, and diffusing massive tantrums. Full Disclosure: I am bad - mediocre at all of these.

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Raina said...

This is Fabulous thank you for sharing this blog, I read the first 3 sentences and totally could connect with what you were saying!! Thank you !