I think my mouth was just molested by my giant sized Burger King straw

Burger King straws are getting OUT OF HAND. I had an Oreo shake over the weekend and the straw they gave me could have easily been used to draw out bone marrow.  I'd much rather have a case of graft vs. host then try to enjoy my shake with a straw that wide in public.

This BK PIPE® straw is supposed to help me "avoid straw-cloggage" but when I'm drinking this thing my shake and I should not look like an episode of Queer As Folk. Just because you lazy BK'ers don't want to take the time to mash up the Oreo cookies all the way you decide to design a straw big enough to allow for an entire carton of cookies to pass through. Get it together man! Smash up my cookies and stop intruding on my mouth with your confused sexuality straw experiment.

 Check this stuff out:

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