Dear Adam Lambert (in regards to your dude kiss)

Dear Adam Lambert,

I know you are probably flamboyantly fuming over what happened on CBS this morning. The show aired a blurred version of your man-on-man kiss but then later aired an uncensored version of the infamous Britney Spears/Madonna kiss from MTV. Is this a double standard? Yes, but the world can't help the fact that two chicks kissing is just way more awesome to see than two dudes.

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1 comment:

Comedian Mikey Two-Shoes said...

I have to agree with you there... 2 chicks is way hotter than 2 dudes... even a gay Canadian would have to agree with that.  Thankfully I missed this whole nonsense, but this is one double standard I am not going to get all up in arms about... I don't often agree with society, but I am with those fuckers on this one...