Contest: Win a months worth of writing for your website or blog

This may be one of my best or worst ideas yet, but let's have a contest and give away something for free! Up for grabs is one month's worth of once a week blog posts from yours truly. Whatever your blog or website is about I'll cover your niche topic like a something that covers something else really well (it's been too long of a day for metaphors (well, I guess technically that would have been a simile.))

All my posts will be submitted to my long list of directories and social bookmarking sites so they will all benefit your site's traffic and overall SEO. If you don't have a blog or website of your own - you can start up a free one and I'll get you your first content OR I can write notes for Facebook - whatever, we'll figure it out.

It is really easy to enter. Here is how you do it:

1. Leave me a comment below this blog post that says whatever you want. Maybe, "Hi!" or "I want to win." or "Do you when the season premiere of Lost is?"  Next Thursday, a winner will selected! Easy right? Why not enter?

Ready. . . GO!

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Comedian Mikey Two-Shoes said...

I am currently putting together some stuff to get my website built... I bought the domain and want to win this bitch!  Look!  I want to win it so bad, I am uploading an old picture of me that looks hella retarded!  If you can find a bigger dork than me, then I will post an even more retardeder picture!  Don't make me do it...

Chase Roper said...

You my good sir, have just taken an early lead! (not just because you are the first official entry either.)

Jason Grahn said...


Shawna Whitlock said...

<span style="font-family: Times; "></span>
<p>I think i should win because My father wanted me aborted and I am living my life to the fullest with all other non-aborted people... i love dancing and high school musical and have a really cool dog. you can help me write a fun bio for my new website and we can create a blog for myself. i don't know if i have told you today chase, but you are REALLY COOL!! i would jump for joy like this picture :)

Ayngel said...

So, it doesn't exactly say which Thursday so I'm going to place myself in the running for some Thursday in the future. Why you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. I do happen to have a blog, and have managed to find some small form of internet fame, at least ten people know who I am.

I am also a writer, and my chosen topic as you put it is interestingly enough, self-help. Now, I am a big believer in laughter being the best form of self-help, or at the very least the most fun. Even if you find you can't help yourself, at least you got a good laugh out of the deal correct?

I also like to challenge people, and I think you just might be up to the challenge of helping others through the art of laughter. Come on, I dare ya!

So, very nice to meet you and I do hope we can get to know one another better!