been building sandcastles

I recently spent about a month pouring myself into a project and putting every other commitment I had on hold for the hopes of a great pay-off. In fact, you could say it all started over the summer and gradually grew into this new beast. Turns out it was all for nothing. Wasted time spent building sand castles. Well, it helped me realize how to identify certain things about life and where my true passions and talents lie.

I have some new things coming down the pipeline (screenwriting, writing content for some awesome new iphone apps by Fred Graver) as well as my writing for Punchline Magazine and jokes for Life&Style Magazine - all of which had been shoved aside for hopes of an amazing future with untold riches and fame. Why couldn't I see the real scope of things? Just because. I've come to learn that so many people  who seem extremely successful in any industry only appear that way due to a lot of effort spent making it seem that way. Is "living the dream" really supposed to mean living in a beat down apartment with roommates while trying to get any under the table job you can find to support your meager living while trying to be a stand-up comic in LA? Maybe it is, but it isn't mine.

I pick the way I'm already working - at home in my office while the kids play and I drink coffee, knowing that compared to me are working so much harder, just not smarter. . . (winky face.)

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