Jeff Dunham writing a book

Jeff Dunham (super famous ventriloquist) is penning a book. I declared shenanigans last year when I saw his CD for sale at Walmart. How are you supposed to hear that he isn't moving his mouth. It won't seem like magic when you can't see the puppets. It just becomes some dialogue on a CD with silly voices. So what's up with the book?

How will anyone reading the book be able to tell the difference at all? Is it just me, or is Dunham regressing in how presents his comedy?

Here is, presumably, what an excerpt of Dunham's book will look like.

"Well, Walter, you can't be angry just because you were stuck in that case all day," Jeff said.

"Whatever, Dumbass!" said Jeff to himself but while moving the old man puppet's mouth and without moving his own lips so that it appears as though the puppet actually answered him.

"Oh, Walter," said Jeff.

In a few years he'll be announcing the Jeff Dunham's Silent Movie Picture Show.

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