France turns the legal tables on $cientology

I found out this morning that North Korea tested their N bomb and that Iran has sent war ships into international waters. More importantly though, Scientology is getting their asses sued in France. If you are a long time reader,  you know that I have an affinity for disliking that organization.

Here's the skinny.

The case centres on a complaint made in 1998 by a woman who said she was enrolled into Scientology after members approached her in the street and persuaded her to do a personality test. In the following months, she paid more than €21,000 for books, "purification packs" of vitamins, sauna sessions and an "e-meter" to measure her spiritual progress.

Scientology members harassed their new members with phone calls and nightly visits to cajole them into paying their bills or taking out bank loans. The plaintiff was described as "vulnerable" by psychological experts in the case.
Why is it that only in the U.S. is this money hungry selfish group considered a protected religion when the rest of the liberally progressive European countries see it for what it really is? Are that afraid of what they can do? Or are we just collectively fed up with seeing Tom Cruise complain about psyciatry on TV?


Andrew Volpe said...

Wow, I can't believe this. I mean I really can't believe that some people who might have otherwise ended up in drug rehab might possibly need some help by an organization that tries to end the planet's dependency on psyche drugs. How ridiculous.

Chase Roper said...

That's my point. A person would be BETTER OFF in a drug rehab clinic than Scientology.