Anderson Cooper questioned about 'teabagging' remarks

Anderson Cooper was addressing a group of students at UCLA recently when one student questioned the CNN news veteran about his teabagging remarks a couple months back.
"[It was a] stupid, silly, one-line aside," Cooper said. "I think it's an incorrect statement to say I was, in any way, trying to disparage legitimate protests," said Cooper. 
 Well, what then would be a correct statement to make about it? Here we had large groups of people nationwide all trying to protest something they felt strongly about (albeit they chose a poor name for it) and Anderson Cooper took the opportunity to make a teabagging joke while reporting. Is that not the definition of the word disparage? Cooper then dug himself a deeper hole.
"If people took offense to that and felt that I was disparaging their legitimate right to protest, and what they were doing, then that is something I truly regret, because I don't believe in doing that," he said. "Having this discussion just takes away from the real story."
Right there, Cooper has now disparaged the student who is trying to ask a legitimate question (one that nails Cooper's ass to the wall) by implying that the person initiated this conversation is the one guilty of belittling the tax party protests, not himself.

Video of this incident can be seen here.

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