Looking for help in a dark economy

During this dark period of economic unrest, it is too easy to sink into depression and let hopelessness take over our lives. As stocks, mutual funds, and the like all plummet toward a seemingly unending abyss, it is important to look toward a higher power for guidance, support and help. A being who's wisdom and strength is recognized by millions of people in this nation alone - who never cowards from injustice or the forces of evil. The higher power I speak of is Bruce Campbell. Let us all ask ourselves What Would Bruce Campbell Do?

Bruce Campbell is a man of action. Bailout packages with allowed multi-milliond dollar won't cut it. But do you know what will? A chainsaw on a bloody stump where a hand used to be. That's how we fix this economy. You chop off your hand and fashion on a chainsaw, arm yourself with a shotgun, march down to DC and carve yourself some demon possesed she-bitches. (she bitches = economy.)

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