How to get your kids to be more cooperative

I've been a stay at home dad now for just over a year. I haven't been watching the calendar but I can tell because my laptop is now missing important keys and is covered in crayon. I was off to a rough start initially and found it was really hard to keep up with normal day to day tasks on account that I had seemingly lost all control over my children.

At some point - everything clicked. As if by divine intervention, I had become aware of how to deal with my kids easily and effectively. If you have found yourself struggling with keeping your children under control, the following list should help you immensely.

  • Television - When provided the right kind of program, your children will stay engrosed for large amounts of time. Rarely will they sit for the entire length of  a movie but if watching a TV series of half-hour episodes strung together, they will be in a TV watching zen like trance for hours.
  • Video Games - Similar to TV yet more engaging and mentally stimulating. Be warned though, you may find yourself being called upon frequently to help get past certain stages and/or read on-screen directions.
  • Candy - Sugary treats are a powerful resource. These can also be used in conjunction with the other two options I've gone over.
There you have it. I hope this list of wise parenting nuggets will help you as much as it has me.

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