Endorsements and testamonials

A few endorsements from some very awesome people.

"In a very short time, Chase has become an important voice in the community of journalists who cover the comedy industry on a national level." - Ron Reid, Producer, Seattle International Stand Up Comedy Competition

"I've read a lot of Chase's work. Whether it's a blog, article or script, he always makes me laugh. He is creative, funny and has a strong handle on screenplay format and structure. Looking forward to working with Chase in the future!" - Bob Bledsoe, Actor, Writer, Comedian

“In reading a piece from Chase, you can immediately see 'that he gets it'. He captures the moment and gives you an insight that you find yourself sharing with your friends soon after. Chase has the ability to not only make stand-up comedy sound cool, but to make it sound cool (italicized).” - Giovanni Diviacchi, Standup Comic

"Chase is an amazing writer. His contribution to Punchline Magazine has been immeasurable and extremely valued. I would work with him on any project. One truly talented individual." - Bill Bergmann, Design Director, Punchline Magazine

"My one wish before I passed away would be for my grandson to become a very successful writer/comedian. With your help, my dream will come true." - Chase's recently deceased grandma.

“Chase Roper is a fine funnyman with a serious grasp on the happenings within the comedy world. He is a well read student of the craft, and I'm certain that anyone who collaborates with Roper in the future, will have the same positive results I had.” - Greg Aidala, President, Radial Gage Entertainment

“Chase has written many stories and interviews for some of the comedians we represent. I always enjoy working with him because he is quick, covers the details, and always writes insightful stories. And on top of that, he is very funny.” - Andrea DeLesDernier, Director of Communications, New Wave Entertainment

“Chase has been a valuable addition to our writing staff at PunchlineMagazine.com. He's possesses great comedic instinct and does well finding comedy news and interviewing comedians.” Dylan Gadino, Founder/Editor in Chief, Punchline Magazine

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