White House met with Twitter CEO on economic crisis

The current White House Administration is holding a summit of young business leaders in the US to discuss the current economic crises. Among the group is co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams. While I admire the Obama camp for their creativity and cliched outside-the-box thinking, I feel that Williams is exactly the wrong person to include.

You see, Williams (or Ev as we call him in the Twitter-verse) is an innovative man, great idealist, and has helped shape communications over the internet as we know it but he is also arguably a bad business leader. Twitter has a 700% growth rate, over 6 million users world wide and has earned $0.00 in the U.S. Aside from some advertising sold in Japan, Twitter could be considered a failing business.

I'm assuming the only advice Williams can give at this summit is to not do what he's doing.

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