My day on the public bus system of Lacey, WA

This week I had to rely on the public transit system. It would mark the first time ever taking a bus anywhere. I thought it would be a great experience for my writing to be around the great mix of people - but the bus was empty. Here instead was my thought process while on the empty bus for the time in my life.

Well, the seats look clean. No seat belts, I guess a speeding bus - Approaching Rockress Drive and then Pacific Avenue -  uhm. . . a speeding bus would be scary to be stuck on. Looks like Speed got it - Approaching Pacific Avenue and then Sleater Kinney Way SE. I'm sitting in between the two exits on the bus. Should I use the door in the back or the door in the front? I wonder if the driver will be insulted if I don't use the - Approaching Sleater Kinney Way SE and then Rite Aide - forget this.


Jason Grahn said...

You want a bus experience? Come to Seattle.

Tell you what? I'll come pick you up in Lacey, then drop you off near Qwest field. When you make it to my place, I'll drive you back home.

Joey said...