Bio and other important information about me

Chase Roper is a brilliantly subtle and bitingly sarcastic writer and humorist from Lacey, WA. He has comedy writing featured in the nationally published celebrity gossip magazine Life&Style and has performed at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club (as seen on ABC's The Bachelor). Chase was one of many talented writers creating jokes for the hilarious iPhone application "This Just In" created by, Fred Graver. Chase has been a regular contributing writer for the premier stand-up comedy publication, since 2005.

While it might not be relevant to his comedy career, Chase feels it is important to mention that he is also an expert on the subject of zombies, and martial arts movies. At home Chase is often referred to as Husband or Dad, probably on account of having a wife for 10 years and four children.

Also,"bitingly" might not be a real word.


Below is a clip from a showcase at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. It is a bit that I wrote and then participated in along with Kyle Cease, Bret Ernst, and a young up and comer from Buffalo, Chet Wild. Please enjoy my odd comedic sensibilities.

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Fred Graver said...

Chase... I just started a new company to bring great comedy to the iPhone, Blackberry, etc... I'd love to talk to you!

Fred Graver