Why the Bailout Bill failed this week - as far as I can tell.

As I watched flipped between every 24 hour news network besides Fox News, I waited in anticipation to see whether or not the now failed Bailout Bill would pass. Not fully understanding the consequences either way, I knew I was watching something historic and important - this was made very clear by the urgent vocal tones of the anchors on my TV screen.

Eventually, it came to be that the bill did not pass. When pressed as to why 12 republicans voted "no," it was stated that they did not like the tone or rhetoric contained in the speech given by Nancy Pelosi. So, in sense, they got their feelings hurt. I thought that was a little extreme until I heard Pelosi's speech. The part of the speech that I feel went too far is below:

"The only reason we're voting on this Bailout Bill is because George W. Bush is an idiot. I think he single handidly ruined the  U.S. economy. Also I think Republicans are retarded."

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