Corey Couture is (not) a huge douche. He really is (not)

Recently, my sister-in-law broke up with her boyfriend (boyfriend-in-law?) and he decided to launch an all night smear campaign on Myspace. The guy, who goes by Corey Couture (and can be found here) works for Myspace in LA and has something like 100,000 friends on that social network. He designs Myspace layouts for celebrities (Travis Barker, D.J AM) and also works club promotions for venues like One3One. Apparently, his suspicions of infidelity were getting the best of him and he decided to broadcast to his massive network that my sister-in-law is somewhat less than morally acceptable as a human being. I think he used words like "trash," "whore," and "slut."  He then sent all 100,000 plus friends her Myspace URL and invited them all to bombard her with nasty private messages like some sort of contemporary Scarlet Letter act. Good grief.

Although I understand his perspective and know that he's dealing with a broken heart (or at least ego), I think it is important for him to remember that how he conducts himself publicly says a lot about his own character. For instance, I am a writer/blogger. I have lots of material published on the web and worked with public figures (albeit D-C rated celebrities) so I am always consciously aware of what I put out there for people to read. It would be unprofessional for me to publish something that says, "Corey Couture is a closet homosexual." I just wouldn't do something like that.

It takes a big man to get dealt an emotional blow to the heart but refrain from personal attacks. Initially, I was really angry that this dude wanted to publicly humiliate someone in my family. My first reaction would normally be to say something like, "This guy's face couldn't look more gay if it had Richard Simmons penis sticking of his mouth." But I won't stoop to that level of yellow journalism.

What would you do?

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