God vs. High gas prices

Have any of you heard of Rocky Twyman? I just heard this name for the first time on my local news station. It turns out that Twyman has been organizing a national campaign for people to pray for God to deliver us all from our high gas prices. 

God is the only one we can turn to at this point," Twyman has stated publicly.

Is this a God matter? Ken Schram, a local Washington state news commentator doesn't think so. Schram thinks that people who pray for God's help with gas are arrogant and that God has far better things to do with His time.

[It's as if] God got nothing better to do than tune into their comparatively petty complaints about how much it costs to fill up their SUV's."

I personally believe that God does want us to pray for even the seemingly little stuff in our lives but at the same time, I can't help but feel like praying for God's deliverance from high gas prices isn't the best prayer to make. What happens if/when God does deliver us? Would we all be so thankful and amazed that the amount of oil we consume would take a sharp drop? Or would we go back to taking long road trips in our motor homes and commuting to work without car pooling?

A far better prayer would be, "God, please help me see how I can be a better steward of the resources that that you have given me. And please show me how I can inspire others around me to do the same." Rather than focusing on the negative aspect of gas prices being a financial burden, we can change our perspective to one that can bring about positive change in all of us.

*On a side note. If I have to hear one more news anchor say, "Pain at the Pump" again, I am going to stab myself in the face with a fork.


Jason Grahn said...

"Be careful what you [pray] for."

Those people praying don't know how god will deliver them from high gas prices. Could be lower gas prices, could be a lottery win, could be an auto accident, could even be death.

Just sayin...

Kevin Cease said...

Very "caveman-ish" mentality. This is what happens when people are programmed to think the way they do.