My reply to the Jehova's Witnesses. . . in Mad Lib form!

I finally decided on the best way to reply to Lynda from the Kingdom Hall in Olympia, WA. After careful consideration, I have decided to send back a handwritten letter. . . in Mad Lib form. Let me know if you need me to email you a copy.

Dear Lynda,

Thank you for the (adjective) letter you sent me. I wasn't sure at first how to (verb), but decided to do so and to make it as (adjective) and (adjective ending in -ing) as possible. I live in a really (adjective) neighborhood and I think that having some of your Jehovah's Witnesses come visit us personally at our doorsteps would be (adjective.) The first stop I would suggest is (house number that is not 1325). While many of us are already followers of Christ, I'm reminded that although we have different doctrine, it is God's view that we should concern ourselves with. Clearly, God views your Kingdom Hall as (quote anything from Lamentations). So please, do come and make my neighborhood (verb ending in -ing) (adjective).

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