To the friends family and fans of Mitch Hedberg

The single most valuable thing someone can share with another human being is their time. We all try to fill our lives with material things like movies, mp3 players, flat screen televisions, or whatever else you feel you want. Sometimes it could be unhealthy things in the form of an addiction like, cigarettes, alcohol, porn, sex, or drugs. When the day comes that our closest friends and family are remembering us after we die, chances are pretty good that they won't sit around talking about our stuff.

"He had the coolest book collection. I hope I can inherit it," or "did you see all the hot purses she owned? She was so cute and trendy," are not the ways we will be remembered. Instead, people will mostly reflect back on the moments of our lives that we shared with them. For better or worse. Memories of things we did together. How we spent our time with them.

Last week, I wrote something for Punchline Magazine about Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown contest. In that post I stated that I believed comedian Mitch Hedberg should not be nominated since he is no longer alive. Several readers commented and shared their disagreement. The last comment received there was by Lynn Shawcroft. A colleague of mine informed me that Lynn is Mitch's widow. Honestly, upon learning this, my heart sank and I felt a deep responsibility to apologize. The point of view I shared in that post was wrong. You see, for most of Hedberg's fans, his Comedy Central Presents special is the only "time" they got to spend with him. This contest is an opportunity for all them to honor their memories of Mitch and have a chance to watch that special and together (connected via their cable service provider) can unite to memorialize and pay tribute to someone they lost and miss.

To Lynn and all of Mitch's fans, friends, and loved ones I offer my most sincere and heartfelt apologies.

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