Hummer Helps, the SUV that is a means to its own end

HUMMER has launched a new television ad campaign called "Hummer Helps." Their first commercial featured various natural disasters, as the Hummer rolls through flooded waters strong and stable. You then see a camera zoom out to a view of the earth.

Their newest commercial was a little more eerie. In the midst of footage of natural disasters, the screen scrolls with newspaper articles about hurricanes and death. Then, like before, the almighty Hummer rolls up unharmed to the tag line, "Hope: Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies."

Watching these commercials certainly instills reminders of Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It generates feelings of fear and uncertainty, and reminds me of the global warming dangers our earth is facing. But the irony is that these natural disasters are provoked by the Hummer's CO2 emissions.

So remember everyone, if you want to survive the upcoming global warming apocalypse, be sure to purchase a gas guzzling Hummer.

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