A nod to another blog: Myspace Month!

This month my blog nodding will be dedicated to the puzzling Top Myspace Bog List. Each week throughout October, I will select a blog from the Top 10 Myspace Blog list and explain why I feel it does not belong on that list.

Today I have selected the number 1 blog post titled, "In Regards to My Nudes," by Chris Crocker. You are probably more familiar with Crocker from his horrible viral video tirade about Britney Spears. In this brief post, Chris addresses what most all blogger don't care at all about - nude photos of him. Here is why I believe his blog does not belong on the Myspace Top 10:

  • Most people weren't aware there were nude photos of this guy (because nobody is searching for them.
  • The entire post is irreverent and has no flow what soever.
  • Its by Chris Crocker
So why is this particular post ranked so high on the list? Because it has garnished over 700 comments and over 800 kudos from readers (probably other Myspace bloggers) who want there profile links on post that is sure to be seen by thousands.

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