'Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler." reviewed (er)

The line stretched from the doors to the Moore Theater in Seattle around the corner and about one block back. We were all waiting to get in to the second show of the Kyle Cease taping of his one hour Comedy Central special, "Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler." A random dude in a bar across the street yelled out, "What's up Kevin CEASE!?" Coming around from the theater was Kevin Cease, Kyle's younger brother, who was filming the crowd for a documentary. While everyone ahead in line made cool looking gestures and shouted at the camera, I casually pointed at it as I told my wife who Kevin was. We all slowly shuffled our way into the theater lobby and made our way to our seats. My wife and I were in the absolute front row and the chairs were fit snuggly together at best. It was the closest thing to a movie set we'd ever been on. There were cameras on big mechanical arms, camera-men on and off stage, and up on the stage sat a single "Terms and Conditions Notice" from the production company, New Wave Entertainment.

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