'Colbert Report' doesn't make Time's 100 Best TV Shows list

What do, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Beavis and Butthead, and Friends all have in common? They all made the list of Time's 100 Best TV Shows. I couldn't help but notice that while Comedy's Central's, The Daily Show, made the top list, The Colbert Report, of the same network did not. Hey Time, what's the deal?

How could Colbert not make that list!? Stephen Colbert can single handedly cause the lock down of entire Wikipedia entries, put into movement a nation of people to replace pages of dictionaries in public libraries, boost book sales for authors, get his own ice cream flavor, and increase politicians' polling figures. While I'm at it, how does a show like the British version of "The Office" make the list over my favorite American fake news commentator?

Answer: Because Time Magazine hates Stephen Colbert and America. Spread this post around and comment below to show your love and support for the Colbert Nation!

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