Pro-Choice billboard is a bad move

A Manhattan Mini Storage advertisement has people in an uproar over their new billboard ad that says, "Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose," over a picture of a wire coat hanger. While some people thought the ad was clever and edgy, a louder majority thinks it vile and shameful. The hanger, I'm sure, is supposed to allude to the women who attempted extremely dangerous, and often fatal, self abortions. Personally, I think the billboard was a bad business move.

Setting the obvious issue aside for a moment, let's look at this from the business perspective of Manhattan Mini Storage. Their entire target market has a 50% chance of either being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. What sense does it make to start an ad campaign that will potentially alienate 50% of that market?

Now for the real issue - Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice. I don't know about you, but I'm both and I believe God is both as well. The Pro-Choicers want women to have the final decision on whether or not they keep a pregnancy under the logic that it is their body and should therefor be their choice. I have to say, that is a fair argument. I also want women to be able to choose for themselves. Pro-Lifers believe life begins at conception and that any kind of termination of a viable pregnancy is the same as murder (yikes! That doesn't come across as loving) and think that every effort should be made to protect that life. Well, I also think every effort (within reason) should be made to protect life and that life begins at conception - but I still believe the woman should have the right to choose. What!? Is that even possible!? Is he asking himself these question in third person? (Technically, that was in fourth person.)

I would love to see a time when people on both sides of this issue could come together and agree that at the heart of this debate are women who need to be helped, to be loved, and maybe to have someone to grieve with. Luckily, there are Christians in this world who believe they have been called on to be that kind of loving, compassionate person to help them through tough decisions and obstacles in life. Not just to picket clinics with signs or make a woman who is already struggling become ridden with guilt or shame. I've said it before and I will say as often as necessary- it's all about love people. It's all about love.

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