Gwyneth Paltrow stays at same hotel as ex-fiance, Brad Pitt

Although it wasn't in the same room, Gyneth Paltrow was in Chicago this weekend staying in the same hotel as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Taking a time out from filming "Iron Man" to promote a new fragrance line, Paltrow noted that the were much more paparazzi in the city than a few years ago. She hoped that the media circus would end once Brangelina left town.

"When Brad and Angelina leave, won't they go too?'' Paltrow wondered.

Honestly, this isn't my usual sort of post. I've noticed however, that for several months now, my top visited story and most frequently searched key words had to with Gwyneth Paltrow. Anyone landing on Chaseblogger searching for Paltrow would find a story I commented on back when she made some disparaging comments about Americans. I thought it might be appropriate to have something a little more current to offer about this one time A-list actress (as Yoda says, "starring in comic book movie an A-list celebrity does not make." Well, that's what my Yoda is always saying.)

I wonder if her new perfume is apple scented?

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